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Dimitri Vassilakis: Jazz improvisation and AI interaction

24-01-2020 15:44

Participants: Dimitri Vassilakis, Tilemachos Mousas, Nestoras Vassilakis

Dimitri Vassilakis presents "Jazz & AI interaction” using DYC12 and Omax system developed at IRCAM.

The system interacts in real time with human-musicians by reshuffling fragments of music and visual material. The system inputs original music and poetry articulated by the human musicians and its response is triggered by the length, attack, gesture movements and articulation of the saxophone and guitar improvisations.

Music and poetry concept by Dimitri Vassilakis
The video art was created by the visual artist Lydia Venieri especially for “Pasiphae’ s Dance”, a composition by Dimitri Vassilakis that was presented during Jazz Democracy Forum at the United Nations.

The performance and the talk will focus on jazz improvisation as storytelling, the connection with language, poetry and prose, as well as its applications to artificial intelligence and natural language processing systems. We also explore the effect of such an AI use on prominent improvisational concepts as the Sonny Rollins’ concept of “thematic development/linearity” and John Coltrane’s “sheets of sound/verticality” (John Coltrane).

The event will be organized on the third day of the conference, new date to be announced soon.

Dimitri Vassilakis is a saxophonist, composer, adjunct staff and researcher at the master course «Music Technology and Contemporary Practices» of the Athens Kapodistrian University.

Tilemachos Mousas, George Apostolopoulos, Dimitris Smailis are graduates of the postgraduate program «Musicology», of the NKUA Music Department.

Special guest Nestoras Vassilakis on tenor saxophone.

© Dimitri Vassilakis "Jazz Mapping" 2019.

The event is organized with the joint effort of the Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (director: Anastasia Georgaki), Department of Music Studies, School of Philosophy, NKUA ( and IRCAM (Paris, France) (

Dimitri Vassilakis “Jazz improvisation and AI interaction” performance examples at the Athens Kapodistrian University LabMat studio:

Jazz Democracy at the United Nations Trailer:

With video art by visual artist Lydia Venieri:
Art Athina

United Nations New York

Mykonos Bienale

Jazz mapping paper:
SMC Malaga 2019

Dimitri Vassilakis: Jazz improvisation and AI interaction

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