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Georgios Yannakakis

Georgios N. Yannakakis is Director and Professor at the Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta. He is one of the leading researchers within player affective modeling and adaptive content generation for games. He is considered one of the most accomplished experts at the intersection of games and AI.

Director and Professor: Institute of Digital Games, University of Malta

Title of paper:
ΑΙ and Games: The Co-Revolution

Subdisciplinary Area: AI and Games

Keywords: Procedural content generation, player modeling, computational creativity, affective computing, game-based learning

Abstract: This talk focuses on the wonderful and long-term relationship between games and AI and the impact such a relationship has had on our lives. Games have been a core driving force for the revolution of AI which, in turn, has reframed our culture, and reshaped our society at large. While games have been assisting AI since its birth it is only very recently that we experience a strong inverse relationship: AI nowadays designs exciting games for us to play and for AI to advance further. While games are arguably one of the last frontiers for AI, AI is also the next great leap forward for games.

Georgios Yannakakis

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